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Flame Productions Media Duplications


Why do you need to digitalize your Film, VHS, DVD or CD media?

VHS Tapes

While the EXACT shelf-life of VHS tapes is hard to predict, over time the magnetic tape inside the VHS tape will deteriorate. Each time a VHS has been recorded on or over, the VHS tape is worn much more than simply playing it. In addition to recording and re-recording, how the VHS tape is stored greatly influences how long the tape will last. Due to their size, many VHS tapes containing your most precious memories are stored in boxes kept in a closet, or worse. Outside sheds or attics are death traps for this highly sensitive media.

Other possible maladies for your VHS tapes are: Dust, Mold, VHS Players with dirty heads, persistant playing / recording / rewinding and fast forwarding Before your VHS tapes are no longer usable, contact Flame Productions & Internet so we can help preserve your memories forever.

Let us convert your VHS tape memories to a digital file for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Instagram. We also offer AI video upscaling to convert your SD VHS tapes to HD or even 4K!

8mm, Super 8mm, or 16mm Film

Storing your film movies at home requires MANY environment considerations. The temperature should not get higher than 75°F with 70°F and cooler are preferred with a relative humidity between 50% and 60%. Vaults maintained at 45°F and 25% relative humidity is the accepted ideal film storage environment. Storing film properly from its beginnings is the ONLY chance you have of keeping your film. The life expectancy of film is not an absolute and never a guarantee. Film has inherent tendencies to decay and fade.

All film has the potential of developing a self-catalyzing film decay called Vinegar Syndrome. It got this name because it emits a vinegar aroma as the film begins to shrink and separate from the non-shrinking emulsion. The decay process is a chemical reaction and it is unstoppable once it starts and the gaseous products of deterioration can damage other films in the same storage area.

Fading is a film deterioration effecting all color film ever made because color dyes have yet to be found that lack resistance to chemical decomposition. Some color dyes used in film emulsions fade slower than others. The probability of an active in-progress fading process is likely for films manufactured before 1982.

In addition to the problems with film itself, the added responsibility of storing, maintaining, even utilizing your old film projector make accessing the memories contained on your film an inconvenience. Take a trip down memory lane with Flame Productions & Internet’s Film Transfer Service.


Vinyl Records (33’s, 45’s, 78’s)

Vinyl records are very “high maintenance”, requiring extensive cleaning as well as various layers of sleeves, liners and covers for protection. Storage location and position are critical to avoid warping of vinyl records. Additionally, dust, static electricity, size, weight, and breakability cause many long term storage challenges for the vinyl record owner.

Vinyl is essentially a thick pliable goo! Because of this plasticity, vinyl is scratched, worn and smoothed as time goes on. As a vinyl record is played, sound quality (particularly at the high end) is lost. This process of sound degradation is directly affected by record storage, turntable quality, and needle quality.

In addition to the limitations of Vinyl records, are the issues of portability and playability. Record players can be a hassle to maintain. Most record players found in homes are used as decoration, a little piece of nostalgia. As of yet, there has not been (to our knowledge) a device that will allow you to play your records in the car. That is, unless you have a VW Bus. In that case, watch out for bumps! Update your Vinyl Records by transferring them to MP3 or CD with the help of Flame Productions & Internet.