Digital Video Advertising

Digital Video Marketing: The world of video advertising is swiftly changing. Many viewers are disconnecting from cable and satellite subscriptions in lieu of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more. Thankfully, the formula for creating a successful video advertisement hasn’t changed. With Flame Productions 40 years in the television production industry, coupled with Flame Internet’s 30 years of website development – Flame is perfectly suited to navigate the confusion of online advertising from BEGINNING TO END!

YouTube Video Promotion: If you already have a YouTube channel and wish to better grow your audience, FLAME can advise you on how to best promote your videos to extend your reach while providing the maximum benefit for the money you give to Google.

YouTube Channel Management

For Businesses: One way to draw attention to your business is to create and maintain a YouTube channel. With this channel you will be able to create long-lasting advertisement opportunities to grow your business.

For Non-Profits: tug on the heartstrings of your audience to gain traction for your non-profit. Whether you’re seeking donations or volunteers, a properly managed YouTube channel serves your organization for the long-haul, providing continuous reach for that which will best help your cause.

For Individuals: Do you have something unique to bring to the world? Do you see a gap you could fill in the content creator world? Is there an area of online content creation you feel you could do BETTER? Flame can escort you through the confusing process of taking your YouTube presence from time-drain to profit-gain.

Remote / On-site Livestreaming

Do you have an event you’d like to have PROFESSIONALLY livestreamed to your YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or other social media platform? FLAME has you covered. Our remote livestreaming services combine years of live event video production experience with professional video equipment ensures you’ll have the best livestream coverage of your event!

Remote livestreaming can feature:

  • Multiple professional grade cameras from Blackmagic Design
  • Live-switching (of up to 4 video sources) of your livestream event
  • PA system integration and/or setup
  • Roaming camera for interviews during your event
  • A digital copy of the live-switched event (for personal storage)
  • Access to per-camera RAW ISO recordings for BMPCC cameras

YouTube Partner Program "YPP" Assistance

Even if you have the skills to create your own content and produce your own livestrams, navigating the world of the YouTube Partner Program can be nerve racking and frustrating. FLAME has experience in launching YouTube channels and bringing them to and THROUGH the YouTube Partner Program process.

How we help your YouTube channel reach YPP status

  • Advise you of YouTube best practices.
  • Organize your YouTube channel to maximize your videos’ potentials.
  • Ensure your titles, descriptions, tags, end screens, cards, etc. all are working to maximize your exposure and boost video impressions.
  • Organize and run giveaway campaigns.
  • Assist you in improving the quality of the content YOU create.