Snead Eye Group website redesign

A reunion brings a website back into the mix

Snead Eye Group returns to Flame Internet

After internal turnover within the organization it was decided that Snead Eye Group was going to use the services of another web developer while still working with Flame for their Television and video needs. Along the way we were quick to assist Snead with the sometimes intolerable lack of response they were receiving from their web company, completing tasks for their website (which we were no longer responsible for.)

Through a series of very unfortunate decisions regarding the removal of features, content and helpful patient information, the site saw a rapid decline in search engine positioning.

After a few months, we were approached with a dissatisfied web client who wished to have the success they once had. Luckily, we archived their old, high-ranking website.

Within two weeks of the request, the old website was restored, redesigned, evaluated for current SEO efficacy and relaunched as the NEW